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American Garage Art

American Garage Art was formed in 2017.  AgA is an Art Collaborative that was designed to be an inclusive environment to encourage new ideas and new experiences.  We have an environment that highlights the past and looks towards the Future! We are a product of the people that have preceded us in this world and they are the ones that have greatly enriched our lives and environment. Much of what they have done has been lost forever and much is still around for us to discover. American Garage Art appreciates the past as a guide to explore the present. 

When you discover American Garage Art you will see a wide variety of experiences and designs for you to enjoy. AgA is constantly evolving and changing to reflect the artists and artisans that leave their mark on our designs and works of art.  Learning is one of the ways we encourage growth in our design studio. We offer a hands on experience that you can participate as much as you would like. Learning new skills is one of the ways we help to encourage art in the communities we serve. 

Join American Garage Art for a unique experience that is like no other.

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