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Working for You and Your Organizations.

American Garage ARt is working to Promote and Increase your Business Exposure. We started our mission to promote the Arts and Hands-On-Experiences. We are still committed to those ideals but want to have a More Inclusive Mission. Working with more Businesses and Organizations is where we are adding to our Missions Goals.

American Garage Art is sharing a link to sign up your business or organization to let us help you. We want to promote and put money in the pocket of the people that can use it the most to help our Communities and Country Grow and Prosper. The people on the front line of our lives getting better, in meaningful ways need help too. We want to work for community awareness of the people that are working every day to make our dreams come true. The people that we may or not know about are working tireless days to provide for their families and ours, to give us a better, and more fulfilling life. AgA is working to make these people and their missions more aware in our lives. Join American Garage Art on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and our blog to bring awareness to people we pass by daily on the street, and might want to know a little bit more about them. Many of the people we pass by daily have a story and a mission that might impact all of us and we need to shine a light on them.

Like and follow us on social media to learn what we are doing in our community.

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