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This BURGESS BATTERY Design is based on the early 1920's BURGESS BATTERY design with American Garage Art Custom Design Elements.


Charles Frederick Burgess (June 5, 1873 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin – February 13, 1945 in Chicago, Illinois) was an American chemist and engineer. He was founder of the University of Wisconsin-Madison department of Chemical Engineering in 1905, and was a pioneer in the development of electrochemical engineering. In 1917 he founded the Burgess Battery Company. (Wickipedia) 


In 1908 Dr. Burgess started work, independently, on two new battery sizes for portable lighting; the Number 1 size (standardized as the "C" cell) and the Number 2 size (the future "D" cell). He formed the zinc cans over the end of a broom handle (#1 cell ) and over the end a shovel handle (#2 cell ).


In 1925, high Wisconsin corporate taxes sent Burgess looking for a new, out of state, location for the manufacturing plant. Several Freeport, IL business leaders encouraged Burgess to move to their growing city. 

On December 15, 1925 Burgess purchased a large manufacturing plant from the Moline Plow Company, (Once the manufacturing home of the Stephens automobile ), on Freeports ,   "Manufacturer's Island."


Burgess began production at this plant on July 1,1926 with 125 employees . Eventually Burgess Enterprises grew to be among the largest of their kind in the nation. 


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