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Stephens Salient Six Card Puzzle - A015


100% of the Proceeds from These Games Sales goes towards Restoring the Rare Stephens Automobiles. There are fewer than 40 of the Stephens Cars Remaining in the World. These few remaining Stephens Cars, were made in Freeport, Illinois and are part of our Local History and the History of Automobiles in America.  We are working to restore them for many generations to come. They are on Public Display for everyone to learn about and enjoy.


This is our reproduction of the 100 year old Stephens Salient Six card game. This is a lot of fun to play and is an almost exact reproduction of the original game. We made it enough different that it won't be mistaken for the original. The original games are selling for around $100. each. The ones we make are made better and a lot more affordable. Get this Authentic Centennial Game. 


This game is made in Freeport, Illinois and available here and at our store.


We also have hundreds of possible shirts in both colors and styles. Please ask if you have other things you want not listed.

Stephens Salient Six Card Puzzle - A015

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